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4: rebooting, the phone no longer has a room and starts twrp. doing several tests I lock and unlock the device. 5: then i tried to reinstall oxugenOS with twrp, but nothing it gives the same errors as when i tried with lineage os.
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So, when I got my OnePlus 6 I struggled a lot with rooting it, but finally I managed it somehow (using Magisk). After the December update (OTA), root and TWRP were removed, of course. Therefore, I decided to install it again today. I have done this: fastboot boot twrp.img. flash boot into TWRP.

Even with fastboot version 31.0.3-7562133, I get a > fastboot : error: Could not check if partition abl has slot all. and if I specify (or not) which slot to flash in, I get... > FAILED (remote.
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  • Fastboot mode is a bootloader mode in which you can flash a device. Except Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 9 PureView, the Fastboot mode is shown as "Download mode". This part can be applied on: Nokia 2 Nokia 2.1 Nokia 3.1 A & C Nokia 3.1 Plus C Nokia 5 Nokia 6 InFocus M820 There's no detailed information there, but the Download mode text is shown on left-bottom corner. If a partition is being flashed ...
  • fastboot rebootInstead, just unplug the cable and power off your device by holding Power button. Than just hold Power button+Volume down to boot into recovery. Should boot into TWRP. Not sure why it wont stay if you do reboot from command line after recovery flash. Apr 14, 2015 10:41 19 likes. PLPeeters.
  • Onwards, then: Install custom loader such as TWRPĪfter this, it's supposed to be easy to flash TWRP to the device and boot to it using the commands below (the mentioned image needs to be in the folder you're running the commands from): adb reboot bootloaderįastboot flash recovery TWRP-3..2_TB-X103F-beta.img To do this, connect the device ...
  • fastboot flash recovery lineage-17.1-20211004-recovery-ginkgo.img. Writing 'recovery' FAILED (remote: 'This partition doesn't exist') Redmi is unlocked, with USB debugging enabled and when in fastboot mode "fastboot devices" detects it. Just do fastboot boot recovery.img instead. Flashing the lineage rom should install the recovery anyway.